Retreat Preachers of MCBS

Fr Charles Kochuchira MCBS

Mob. 09745952475

Fr Geo Manickathan MCBS

Mob. 09495969199

Fr George Karintholil MCBS

Mob. 09447214994

Fr George Kattoor MCBS

Mob. 09496378320

Fr George Kuttickal MCBS

Mob. 09560696346

Fr Jomon KochuKaniyamparambil MCBS

Mob. 09447367572

Fr Jomy Panathara MCBS

Mob. 08547173942

Fr Joy Chenchery MCBS

Mob. 09717565775

Fr Maneesh Olamkannel MCBS

Mob. 09496667606

Fr Mathew Madathiparambil MCBS

Mob. 09946460441

Fr Mathew Thundathil MCBS

Mob. 09496438656

Fr Saiju Thuruthiyil MCBS

Mob. 09447913526

Fr Sebastian Polethara MCBS

Mob. 09447267114

Fr Thomas Edayal MCBS

Mob. 09447853283

Fr Thomas Kozhimala MCBS

Mob. 09946702520

Fr Xavier Kunnupuram MCBS

Mob. 09447471748


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