Eucharistic Flame

Eucharistic Flame

Joy and Comfort

 A life of joy and comfort is all I need.

How to get this is the million dollar question.

What if everyone around you loves you very much?

Yes, that could make my life one full of joy and comfort.

But many of them hate me; some are angry or jealous.

Is there any way any one can make them love me?

You are the one who can make them love you.

How can I make my enemies love me?

Forgive those who have hurt you.

Ask forgiveness of anyone

whom you have hurt.

Fill your heart with love.

No other sentiment to be there.

When you love everyone selflessly,

all those around you will love you as well.

Yes, that will make my life one of joy and comfort.

This is the way to make heaven on earth, here and now.


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