Abhishekagni അഭിഷേകാഗ്നി, Sehion Television Videos

Abhishekagni അഭിഷേകാഗ്നി, Sehion സെഹിയോന്‍ Television Videos

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Video Talks by Rev Fr Xavier Khan Vattayil ഫാദര്‍  സേവിയര്‍ ഖാന്‍ വട്ടായില്‍

Abhishekagni Collection – 01 / അഭിഷേകാഗ്നി 01

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Abhishekagni Collection – 02 / അഭിഷേകാഗ്നി 02

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  1. Recently only I heard abt abhishekag ninow I m in ireland for job as a nurse.i m in trouble.someone told me to watch it.but how I can get d live abhishekagni in my mobie?plse reply

  2. TESTIMONY:- On 7th Sept. 2014 flooded in Kashmir were we stayed it was about 14ft. of water I and my wife Rosily were afraid. Actually our room was on ground floor we gone up to the 2nd. floor we were afraid and prayed to God to save us because we have no hope many of our neighbours houses were collapsed and we prayed to God if we saved we will send our testimony to Abhishekagni and we are regularly watching T.V. on Sundays Abhishekagni programme, we are saved and God gave us food and shelter in those days many of them were not getting. thankuou, Polson

  3. I love abhishekagni sunday prayer service b,cos that gives me energy and power for the whole week and i really thank God for keeping my husband safe from all diseases.

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