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Way of the Cross (Malayalam) കുരിശിന്റെ വഴി

Posted by Nelson MCBS on July 14, 2013

Way of the Cross 001 Way of the Cross 002 Way of the Cross 003 Way of the Cross 004 Way of the Cross 005 Way of the Cross 006 Way of the Cross 007 Way of the Cross 008 Way of the Cross 009 Way of the Cross 010 Way of the Cross 011 Way of the Cross 012 Way of the Cross 013 Way of the Cross 014 Way of the Cross 015 Way of the Cross 016 Way of the Cross 017 Way of the Cross 018 Way of the Cross 019 Way of the Cross 020 Way of the Cross 021 Way of the Cross 022

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12 Responses to “Way of the Cross (Malayalam) കുരിശിന്റെ വഴി”

  1. Reblogged this on Divyakarunya Mariyabhavan, Mallappally.


    • joseph said

      who is the author of way of cross. way of crossil pankeduthaal jenangalku enthoke lebikkum ? way of crossil kaanunna veronica, madhavinte madiyil kidathal enniva
      bible il oridathum kaanunnillallo ? pinne engane jenangal ithu vishwasikkum ?


      • TOM JOSE said

        The basis of Catholic faith is not only BIBLE but also HOLY TRADITIONS of the Church. stations 6 & 13 as asked by JOSEPH is based on traditions of the Church. A catholic can believe it as his mother the HOLY CHURCH proclims it to be true.

        The author of way of the cross in malayalam is CMI. Many other way of the crosses are also there authored by different persons in different languages.

        Way of the cross is a PIETY(Bhakthi Abhyasam).

        Many saints have become saints by meditating upon the Passion of christ and by living according to it. Way of the cross helps us for the same. Way of the cross is a spiritual aid. the church recommends it ,but not as much as HOLY QURBANA & HOLY BIBLE

        God bless !


  2. […] Way of the Cross (Malayalam) കുരിശിന്റെ വഴി […]

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  3. Beena said

    മാസാദ്യവെള്ളിയാഴ്ചകളിൽ പടിക്കുന്ന പ്രാർത്ഥനകൾ വേണം.


  4. Kol said

    Thanks a lot for this..!!


  5. RenuDomini said



  6. lordwin said

    Thanx for ur. Support and prayers


  7. James mm said

    It is more helpful during lent spiritually benefitted to lot of people.


  8. Rit a lazar said

    It is very useful for me as I am away from India where there is no stations of the cross is done. Even if it is there, it is German which I did not understand. I also forgot to get my prayer book. Thank you very much for this prayers.


  9. Rit a lazar said

    It is very useful for me as I am away from India . Thank you very much for this prayers.


  10. This web site is awesome! I like what you have posted. I want to share a playlist that I think really embodies this everybody here. Give it a look and let us know what you think!


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