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Teachers’ Day Message

To my beloved Teachers!

If I could take my heart out and prepare few little flowers;
I could submit them at the feet of my beloved Teachers!
Teachers are the makers of what I am today in this world ;
And i am indebted to them forever I am here or elsewhere!

Nation is indebted to teachers more than every others;
Others play different roles but teachers the definite one!
Teachers form character of the nation vibrant everytime;
Thriving to achieve and driving to excel so passionatly!

My salute to all the teachers of India at all the times;
You.are the makers of a passionate nation full of emotion!
Nation is our first priority with global citizenship in hand;
We are willing to die for the nation abundant in tradition!

All because of our teachers who are dedicated and devout;
Smiling are their faces and consoling their expressions!
We may forget to eat and drink but not our teachers ever;
Teachers are our strength to take the nation to the heights

jesus the teacher

Jesus the teacher


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