Assisi Retreat Center, Bharananganam

Assisi Renewal Center

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04822 236386, 04822 238335


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Reminiscing about Rev. Fr. Armond OFM Cap.

The Charismatic Renewal Movement that started in the early 1970s enjoyed a great revival in the Church of Kerala. Rev. Fr. Armond OFM Cap. of happy memory has contributed much towards this great renewal. He attended the 1st charismatic retreat convened by the Mumbai team at Christ hall, Kozhikode in 1976 and the 2nd charismatic retreat held at MOC in Kottayam. During this retreat, Fr. Armond was blessed specially by the anointment of the Holy Spirit which wont be gained through any other retreats. To materialize his dream of conducting this retreat in Malayalam, he organized a team with Rev. Fr. Gratian OFM Cap. and Rev. Fr. K. K. John MSFS and started the 1st Malayalam charismatic retreat at Assisi in 1976. Thus originated the Assisi Retreat Centre, Bharananganam. (This was the beginning of the Assisi Retreat Centre, Bharananganam.)

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