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Gadgil Problem – Kasthoori Rangan Report: Effects & Responses

Gadgil Problem 01 Gadgil Problem 02 Gadgil Report Gadgil Problem 03 Why Fear Gadgil Problem 04 Challenges of Kasthuri Rangan Gadgil Problem 05 the EffectGadgil Problem – Kasthoori Rangan Committee  Report: Effects & Responses (Malayalam)


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  1. Dear Priests joining with quary and estate mafia to destroy the land and water for our Children is a grave sin.Who has given you the right to kill and eat everything and who decides that human life i above all other life. Do you think that the present Pope will join your gang.

    • Antonychetta,it seems that you have counted hundred thousands of quarries and estates owned by farmers,churches,and institutions.This is the same mistake made by kasthoori & Gadgil using remote sensing-what sense..! Come down to the ground level and see the fact.”The EYES are useless when the mind is BLIND”

  2. i dont know why kerala govt wants ce a madhav gadgil or kasturi rangan to compile reports to protect our environment/ We already have an effective EFL Act with which Binoy Viswam, Forest Minister of CPI under previous LDF Govt has successfully made 37000 acres of area into forests just by vesting lands in Kannur Calicut, Wynad, Palght, Malappuram and Idukki distrcts from farmers. No politician, farmer or church raised their little finger. With this experience why not implement EFL in all western ghat areas and protect endemic plants and micro organisms for posterity. Why not make Binoy Viswam as Forest Minister’s Environment adviser. All problems will be solved. There will beno hartals or jalianwallabaghs! Good luck

  3. Mullaperiyar ippo pottum,ennu paranjavar thayanu,ippozhum prashnam parayunath,i suppot above reports to protect our environment.

  4. Now with all respect it is 7 years

    where are you the haters of madhav gadgil report so rebuild it if you can rebuild those mountains rivers and those forests from 2011 to 2018 if we implemented madhav gadgil report these kind of flood may be or will not happen

    so keep quarreling and destroy the nature and make hospitals churches mosques temples and everything
    everyone will understand one day that those trees were our oxygen and those forests are the soul of our state and that day you cant move a little because god gave us everything and we destroyed everything for money

    shame on you ****** those who were against madhav gadgil report it should be implemented

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