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"In the Evening of the Life We will be Judged on Love Alone." St John of the Cross

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Vanakkamasam – St Joseph – March 1

Posted by Nelson MCBS on March 2, 2015



One Response to “Vanakkamasam – St Joseph – March 1”

  1. asha said

    My mother had a Malayalam book with vanakkamaasam prayers which talked about st Joseph’s life and snippets from his life. It had beautiful stories about his acts. I remember vividly abt the story of a convent which had a dilapidated stair case.the nuns could not find a carpenter to repair it. One fine day, a carpenter turns up and repairs it marvellously and he leaves. The nuns were amazed by the beauty of the stairs and a carpenter who turned up later vouched that no man can build such a staircase and told them he was a man of God


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