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"In the Evening of the Life We will be Judged on Love Alone." St John of the Cross

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The Roman Liturgical Calendar for A.D. 2017

Posted by Nelson MCBS on January 16, 2017

Download The Roman Liturgical Calendar 2017, PDF Format


View or Save as JPEGthe-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_1the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_2the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_3the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_4the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_5the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_6the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_7the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_8the-roman-liturgical-calendar-for-a-d-2017_page_9


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