Surrender and Win!

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Winning comes in surrender. Isn’t that an irony? We are taught the contrary. We are instilled with the idea that to conquer and win, we need to be on top always. Surrendering does not make us on top. It obliterates that one elegant piece of expensive template holding our name in bold letters that says we are the boss! If we are not the boss, how can we be in the lead and win? The Christian life totally runs in a different principle than what the world views. We surrender first and then we can win.

Surrendering means entrusting all to God. In military, to surrender means to relinquish all control over territory, combatants, fortification, ships, and armament to the one who is of greater military power or to the one who won the war. It is an aweful picture because it means loss. In the ancient times, it may…

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