A Collection of 19th-Century Pumpkin Recipes

A Dollop of History

To celebrate Autumn and the upcoming holiday season, I decided to put my digital library research skills to the test and compile another collection of historic recipes for your reading pleasure.

These lists can get out of hand pretty quickly so, for my sake, I limited my search to 19th-century American and Canadian resources containing recipes that use PUMPKIN!

This is obviously not an all-inclusive list, but I tried to get a nice variety of recipes representing different decades, regions and lifestyles. I noticed that the later cookbooks (1890’s) are much more likely to to have pumpkin recipes. As expected, the most popular use of pumpkin was for making pie so I’ve included a few of those below.

I will be making one of these recipes within the next week. I don’t know which one yet, so if you feel strongly about any of them let me know!



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