What to do when your own folks look down on you


Jabez was a good man.

An Inspiring Devotional Featuring a Bible Verse, Thought and Prayer

Photo Courtesy Ric Rodrigues

The Bible says he was more honourable than his brothers.

However, when he was born, he was given a name which did not match his character and conduct.

His name meant ‘he makes sorrowful’ or “he causes pain”

It was not an outsider who gave him this awkward, unpleasant name but his own mother.

This idea of being someone who causes pain must have been heavy upon Jabez as he grew up.

Just imagine being called “Pain” by family, friends, relatives, and socially.

His name and identity frustrated, saddened, and disappointed him.

There was just one way out of this stigma for Jabez.

God alone.

So Jabez prayed.

He asked God to bless him greatly and abundantly.

He asked God for bigger influence and opportunity.

He asked for God’s hand to…

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