🎶🎺 🎸 MORE THANKS 🙌🙌🎤


I know that we are closer to the end of the year and we have been hearing a lot about gratitude and thanksgiving.

But do we get to give Him enough?.

While I was thinking and reflecting on what to write this week, this theme came to mind. More thanks!

Yes, we can never get to give Him enough thanks when we look at all He has done for us so far in the year and even in our respective lifetimes.

God has been faithful and not only that but also committed to us and our grooming and growth.

The earlier we look at it from this perspective, the more grateful we would become knowing that He is very committed to us. And one of these examples is what we celebrate right now – “Christmas”

God being deliberate about us, “gave” us His only begotten son. He gave us Himself…

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