Profit & Loss Worksheet

Priya's Learning Centre

Q.1: Find the gain or loss:

a) C.P = Rs 1250, S.P = Rs 1000

b) C.P = Rs 12,000, S.P = Rs 9,000

c) C.P = Rs 1750, S.P = Rs 1840

Q.2: Word Problems:

a) If a watch purchased for Rs 120 is sold for Rs 185, then find the loss or profit made in the deal.

b) Ganesh bought a bike for Rs 45,000 and sold it for Rs 36,000. Find the loss or profit made in the deal.

c) The cost price of a chair is Rs 885. If it is sold at a loss of Rs 35, then find its selling price.

d) Dave purchased an old radio for Rs 619 and he spent Rs 81 on repairs. Then, he sold it for Rs 700. Find the profit or loss made in this deal.

e) Find the cost price, if the selling price is Rs…

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