Amend your Lives now! Don’t force Me to say… I never knew you! ❤️ Warning from Jesus Christ

Amend your Lives now! Don’t force Me to say… I never knew you! ❤️ Warning from Jesus Christ


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Amend your Lives now! Don’t force Me to say… I never knew you!

August 15, 2021 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) Dear and precious Family, I hope you all are doing well. The Lord is asking for true repentance. He’s really hurting for the world and the disasters that are to come for the sins committed in this nation and around the world. He’s been very clear about repentance and this nation turning from the evil ways of Satan and embracing righteousness, peace and love. The enemies of our souls do not spare us any time. They are always putting bad thoughts into our minds and hearts, enticing us to anger, pride, lust, greed, covetousness and all sorts of abominations. Lord, do You have anything to say to us?

(Jesus) “Thank you for asking, indeed I do. My children, I’ve tried many times to get your attention and warn you of the path you are taking, but you resist Me. I’ve sent many of My servants to you to inform, teach and convict your hearts, but you still put Me off and ignore Me, thinking… ‘These are just made up myths, there’s no way that’s true.’

“May I say it is true? More true than you will ever know? Oh, how I wish to spare you all of the coming danger in this world and in the next, but I need your repentance, dear ones. I want you to amend your lives and follow Me. Turn away from the crimes you’ve committed and do what is lawful and right. I will be faithful. I shall forgive your sins and remember your iniquities no more. For I love you and created you for the purpose of love and joy in ME!

“Yet you continue to sin and dig a hole straight into hell, and I cannot save you on the day of Judgment. My justice demands payment for the sins committed against Me. Some of you are not prepared to meet Me after death, and you know it! However, you are still delaying your conversion. I say to you, the time is short! You are not even promised another hour upon this earth! I can call you at any moment!

“So please, My children, My Creatures, My Beloved souls whom I’ve created out of sheer love, please listen to the call of your God. Please, I’m asking you in tears. I died a horrible death to deliver you from the consequences of your sins. I love you. I want you in heaven with Me. Do you hear the voice of merciful Love? Listen to your heart, for I am indeed knocking!

“It is not My wish that you perish, but that you be saved and live. And for those of you who serve Satan, do you really think he cares about you? Do you really believe he has a kingdom prepared for you after death? I can answer that for you… He has not. He has you lie, steal, kill and destroy, because that’s what he does as well. If he has taught you to lie and deceive, do you really think he will be honest and truthful with you? There’s no truth in him, for he has been a liar from the beginning. He’s duped you into thinking that I’m bad and he’s good. He is a master deceiver.

“My children, I still love you, even though you may hate Me and have been fooled by this liar into thinking that I am to blame for the evil that has happened in your life. He came at just the right moment in your vulnerability and offered you pleasures beyond your comprehension, in exchange for your allegiance and worship to him.

“Teaching you to steal, kill and destroy others, just like himself, all the while he’s laughing you to scorn, because when you die, he will mock and humiliate you as you claim to await his promised kingdom. He will tell you how much of a fool you were to believe him, and he will send his demons to torment and throw you into the fire, delighting at your screams of agony. On top of that, the greater your devotion to him was on earth, the more scorn you’ll receive as a result.

“At this point, I can do nothing for you. I am helpless to save you, since you chose your master. I will never betray you, for I love you tenderly, I will heal all of your pain and wipe away every tear from your eyes.



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