Yellowstone, New York, Nibiru, the coming War & Prayer ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

Sep 16, 2021… Yellowstone, New York, Nibiru, the coming War & Prayer ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus


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Jesus speaks about Yellowstone, New York, Nibiru, the coming War, His Blood & The C-Plague

September 16, 2021 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) Beloved heartdwellers, may you embrace this message with faith and put it into action faithfully… Amen.

(Jesus) “So, you have enquired of Me about what is on My Heart and Mind, and you know so well what it is deep down in the pit of your soul. Yes, it is about this war that will soon begin and the souls that might be lost to Me forever. That is what My heart grieves for. Clare, I am pulling out all the stops to cause My People, called by My Name, to pray for the nations, your nation (America) and others around the world as well. The 21 days of prayer that were asked for on 9/11 are critical. Apply your heart to these and bring home to the community how very critical they are. Do this for Me, please?

(Clare) Would You please help me with the right words? You know after a while it gets old… Pray for your country, pray for the nation, pray for the world, but when you think of the alternatives, and what could happen if we did not pray, it is not good.

(Jesus) “What is not registering is the gravity of the situation, because you have never lived through it. The evil ones are seeking to begin a world war, Donald knows well the casualties and is trying with all his ability to avoid a world war. China is hell bent on destroying America, Clare. They have a solid foothold, there are so many factors that could cause it to start, but I too have placed My hand between the trigger and the target, in hopes that mankind will find another way. What I am making war on is the evil infrastructure that still remains in this world. I wish to shield the innocent while taking down the evil.”

(Clare) Lord, do you mean that there is hope for America, that we will not have war?

(Jesus) “Much remains to be seen if prayer is multiplied. I am not trying to be evasive; I am giving you a glimmer of hope. You have understood that I am causing the worst of the effects of Nibiru to be held in place for the time being. The very finger holding it in place is prayer. All over the world, pressure is being released to prevent some of the greater catastrophes from happening. Therefore, scientists are puzzled that nothing has happened yet. I told you before that Yellowstone would be released slowly over a vast area, and this was to prevent the explosion of a super volcano and the demise of your country.

“However, New York is another story. There will come a time when it will be used to swallow and bury the iniquities of the past, even turning it into molten lava, deep within the bowels of the Earth. I have much disgust for what has been going on there, especially New York City. None of you really understand the degree to which I am withholding the dissolution of America because of those who fast and pray and take Me seriously. Every time people gather in Washington DC or other capitals, the hand of destruction that is ticking on the clock is pushed back significantly in proportion to the repentance and fervor of their prayers.

“There are many prayer warriors in your nation that no one knows about. And their gift for true intercession and fasting, as well as declaring life where death should be, has a substantial effect on postponing what will eventually take place. But for now, you, in your littleness and with your little ones, are doing your part. If I did show to you what you have gained for your nation, it would surprise you to no end. So, keep up the good work and the solid prayers, especially when you can devote your heart to it between more demanding tasks. Lying in bed and praying with all your heart before you fall asleep is also very effective.

“There is a constant effort being exerted in your community to cause little disputes and irritations that can be exploited by the demons to cause a big division.



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