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Teachers, Shepherds, Pastors & Calumny, Manipulation, Forces of Darkness ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

Teachers, Shepherds, Pastors & Calumny, Manipulation, Forces of Darkness ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus


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The Forces of Darkness, Manipulation, Calumny, Teachers & Shepherds

April 5, 2016 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Jesus) “What is it to you if you are called names and calumniated with fabrications and lies – does it matter, Clare? Truly, does it matter even in the least little bit?”

(Clare) Well, it does in the sense that I now resemble You and what the Pharisees said about You.

(Jesus) “Yes, you’ve learned your lesson well. The Bride must resemble the Groom. Let them carry on, but you keep your eyes on Me, follow Me. Oh, this is so highly pleasing to Me. Do you know what truly good company you are in?”

(Clare) The Scripture says… ‘Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.’ (Matthew 5:12) I thought about that and my heart just melted, as I know I’m NOT worthy to be included in that group. What an honor! But I said… ‘Oh, Jesus, You are so kind to me. But what about the little ones, that are turned away and scared by these lies?’

(Jesus) “Some I will convict that these are total lies. And some I will lose. Yet there are still doors into My Kingdom that have yet to open. Pray for them. I will lead and guide them, but they must be sensitive. Do you know why you are most hated by your enemies?”

(Clare) Because of Discernment?

(Jesus) “That you teach others to come to Me to learn how to discern is huge. But that is not what you are most hated for. They hate you for your love and the way you portray My Love for you and for all souls. That is why you are most hated. You have broken down the walls of legalisms, therefore people can no longer be manipulated by guilt.

“The powers of darkness have labored for hundreds of years to present Me as a judgmental God who is constantly looking to the sins of the people and telling them they are guilty and have no hope. They have put a hook in the mouths of the people to manipulate them, to steer and to crush them. And you have taken the hook out and set them free, by telling them and demonstrating to them, My Love is greater than their guilt and My Love leads them to repentance. It restores hope and leaves the enemy with no legalistic religious leverage to manipulate souls.

“This was the great sin of the Catholic Church… Manipulation. I wanted souls to be drawn to Me out of love, not fear. I lived My entire life without inspiring fear or guilt in the souls of all men and women. The only judgment I meted out was to the Scribes and Pharisees, whose hearts were blackened by political and financial gain, even to the point of Baal worship. So, how should they recognize Me? They were of their father, the devil.

“So, now history repeats itself and those with a controlling religious spirit have found their way into every denomination with their lust for control. The entire game plan from the enemy is to make men feel so guilty for their sins, they withdraw from Me. Or refuse to even approach Me. How common is it that you have seen and heard people say… ‘I’m not good enough for God. When I get good enough for God, I’ll turn to Him.’ And of course, that never happens. And the religious spirit is the vehicle to do that. What I have taught you goes against that grain, and so you are hated.

“That I would treat you as My Bride, with whom My Heart is intimately entwined, and that I feel that way about all My People, is abhorrent to them. That I can live through you is still the most frightening aspect of true faith. God can live through men and the devils cannot stop Him. And men can be taught by God – that releases you from the yoke of slavery and self-interest man is so addicted to imposing through religion.



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