Month: September 2021

The Antichrist & The New World Order 🙏 Prophecies & Instructions from Jesus through Bertha Dudde 2/4

The Antichrist & The New World Order 🙏 Prophecies & Instructions from Jesus through Bertha Dudde 2/4 Text & Audio of Video Content… Coming soonJesus’ Revelations through Jakob Lorber……Jesus’ Revelations through Gottfried Mayerhofer……The Book of the true Life……The Third Testament EBook……Trumpet Call of God… […]

Trust In Desolation

Trust In Desolation In the fourth petition, by saying “give us,” we express in communion with our brethren our filial trust in our heavenly Father. “Our daily bread” refers to the earthly nourishment necessary to everyone for subsistence, and also to the Bread of Life: the Word of […]

The Bold Path

ദിവ്യകാരുണ്യസ്വീകരണം സ്വര്‍ഗത്തിലേക്കുള്ള സുരക്ഷിതപാതയാണ്.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –പത്താം പീയുസ് പാപ്പാ. സ്നേഹത്തിന്റെ കൂദാശയായ ദിവ്യകാരുണ്യമേ, ഞങ്ങള്‍ അങ്ങയെ ആരാധിക്കുന്നു. “Prayer reveals to souls the vanity of earthly goods and pleasures. It fills them with light, strength and consolation; and […]


Introduction : We will always remember Mother Teresa of Calcutta for her untiring will to help the last ones, the deprived and poor. Today she is a Saint, celebrated all over the world, and surely one of the most important figures in modern history, awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize and countless […]

Prayer to Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Beata Teresia Calcuttentis, sitientium datum sit sicut ignis amoris Iesu in cruce, et omnem amorem ut fieret lux. Cor Iesu nanciscaris (hic tuam). Doce me ut possideas eum penetrare totam vitam usque adeo ut etiam aliis diligite lumen affulgeat. Amen. Immaculati Cordis Mariae, Causa nostrae laetitiae, ora pro […]

Mother Teresa

After reading Teresa Of Calcutta, I wrote the following essay. Mother Teresa has an amazing story, so I urge you to read the book Teresa Of Calcutta for yourself. Mother Teresa Have you decided who’s example you desire to follow? The examples you choose will drastically effect how […]

Mother Teresa

Part of the critically acclaimed Little People BIG DREAMS series discover the incredible life of Mother Teresa along with her message of love and charity. Agnes (later to become Mother Teresa) was born in Skopje Macedonia. From an early age she knew she wanted to dedicate herself to […]

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa became a nun at a young tender age to serve mankind in sorrow and suffering, helpless and poor ,the orphans, homeless and hungry. She was born on 26th August, 1910. She was Albanian by birth. As she was celibate, she dedicated herself for the cause of […]

Birth Anniversary of Mother Teresa :

Birth Anniversary of Mother Teresa – నేడు ప్రపంచం ఆఫ్ఘనిస్తాన్ తాలిబాన్ ఆక్రమణను రాడికలైజేషన్ మరియు తీవ్రవాదం సాధించిన విజయంగా చూస్తోంది. అలాంటి సందర్భంలో, మదర్ థెరిస్సాను ఆమె పుట్టినరోజున గుర్తు చేసుకోవడం చాలా ముఖ్యం. 1979 లో నోబెల్ శాంతి బహుమతి అందుకున్న మదర్ థెరిస్సా తన జీవితమంతా పేదల సేవకే అంకితం చేసింది. 1929 లో భారతదేశానికి వచ్చిన మదర్ థెరిస్సా తన […]