This Word will remove the dark Blindfold and uproot… ❤️ The Book of the true Life Teaching 51 /366

This Word will remove the dark Blindfold and uproot… ❤️ The Book of the true Life Teaching 51 /366


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The Book of the true Life Teaching 51

The Lord says:

1. My disciples, You welcome me today with great joy and tenderness in your hearts. The reason for that is that your spiritual mother was with you before, embracing you with her divine essence.

2. Once your spirit separates from the material body which imprisons it, it will feel great joy dwelling in the regions of peace, always hearing the voice of its spiritual mother like a divine song!

3. Your faith and love for your spiritual mother is a seed which I entrust to you so that you will cultivate it in the hearts of your brothers. All who through my charity received the sign on their forehead will go forth producing light along their paths. It has been a long time since I ordered those same spirits to mark the doors of their houses with the blood of the lamb as a symbol of a pact and of purification. Only I know why I have marked you in all times. Only I know your destiny and the nature of your restitution, and that is why my justice always touches you to keep you away from evil.

4. When my voice began to ring in this time, like the echo from a bell, you immediately recognized who was calling; then you arose to hear me in order to later follow me. No one among this multitude should consider himself a king or a lord because of the gifts that he received from me or because of the dignity which I have granted him. Instead, each of you needs to practice great humility and become greatly devoted to my law.

5. This is the time in which you will be spiritually active. The experience which you have acquired along your path will help you. Whenever you have been on earth, you have sought comforts and pleasures, and when you have dwelt in the hereafter, you have limited yourselves to a life of contemplation. Now is the time when you are understanding the purpose of your existence and the essence of your spiritual mission.

6. Every day men open new paths of perversity, and that is where you should allow this seed to fall, O laborers of Jesus, so that the example of your good deeds will testify to the truth of my doctrine and lead your brothers away from their materialism. Allow your lives always to follow along the straight path so that when death opens the doors of eternity to your spirit, your brothers can say: Here is a just man. When you arrive before my presence, the Father will also tell you: Come, for you will live eternally in me.

7. Elijah, who is the Spiritual Shepherd of the Third Era, is the one who has been made responsible for the spirits, who are like sheep in the sheepfold of the Lord. He is the one who will unite the 144,000 whom I am marking with the sign of my divinity. And when they have been marked, my justice will be unleashed on earth. Today, Elijah is lighting a lamp in each spirit so that no one becomes lost at the time of trial.

8. My people, my ray of light becomes word through my spokesmen to teach you my doctrine. This word has touched your hearts and pointed out the path which leads to happiness, lightening the weight of your cross. Strengthen yourselves in my word in order to faithfully endure your trials and to fulfill your work with love and humility. Do not fear what others might say about you nor forget that you will have to be tested a great deal.

9. Humanity will once again rise up against me. Men need to scrutinize my work. Only then will they succeed in discovering the truth and the just law. Only then will they be able to find my presence and perceive my wisdom and my love.

10. You have a very important mission to fulfill in this struggle. But do not believe that you are possessors of my law, for I am the Law and you are only its interpreters.

11. Be happy knowing that you do not possess royal temples which someone could destroy, for you can have your meetings in a simple room as well as in a valley or on a mountain. Wherever my children gather and call me, there I will be with them.



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