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Call to spread the new Message & Heaven and Hell ❤️ The Book of the true Life Teaching 52 /366

Call to spread the new Message & Heaven and Hell ❤️ The Book of the true Life Teaching 52 /366


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The Book of True Life Teaching 52 of 366

Call to spread the new Message & Heaven and Hell are states of the Soul

Divine Revelations – Mexico 1866 – 1950

The Lord says:

1. Nourish yourselves with My divine being. Be firm in your fulfillment of My law, and as a reward, you will find peace and comfort in your deeds. Truly intercede on behalf of your brothers, and allow them to feel the peace of My Spirit with your prayers and your good deeds. Do not rob yourselves of My divine mercy during these times of temptations; strengthen your spirits, so that you will emerge victoriously from your trials.

2. Intercede and be kind even to those who do not love you. Imitate Mary, your heavenly mother, the divine intercessor, she who intercedes on behalf of those who place their hopes in her, as well as those who have closed their hearts to her, and even those who deny her purity and divine nature.

3. Your mission is delicate and your destiny is noble, My people. May you no longer deviate from the path I have marked for you. I have built a sanctuary within your hearts, but do not allow the flame of your faith to go out, and never stop striving to spiritualize yourselves. Do not keep your temple shrouded in darkness, for if someone were to knock on its doors, he would not find the light he seeks, nor would he hear the echo of My voice. Carry My presence and My Word within your hearts, for truly, I say to you, that no one will be able to destroy your sanctuary nor make you regress along your path. Who can keep you from loving Me?

4. My light shines within every mind, and My voice is heard within every conscience; nevertheless, men do not wish to recognize the time in which they live. A multitude of people will need to prepare itself to bring the good news to humanity, and I want it to be these same people I have selected to hear My divine Word. If I am always telling you to prepare yourselves, it is because you will have to offer testimony of My manifestation through human spokesmen. Your testimony will not be limited to repeating the phrases you will have learned from Me, for you will also need to offer proof of your spiritual authority by converting stubborn sinners, by healing the terminally ill, or by any other deed I have taught you. Remember that if you arise to preach love and mercy without first having reached a certain level of spiritualization and regeneration of your lives, you will be imitating the hypocritical pharisees who advertised their false virtue and hid their perversity. I do not want anyone disingenuous or hypocritical among My disciples.

5. If you yearn for My teaching to flourish on earth, then sow it as purely as I have delivered it to you, and douse that divine seed with the water of your good deeds. Go on your way with complete faith in My protection.

6. Who could stop or silence you when you set out to work, inspired by My divine light? No one, My people, just as no one was able to silence Jesus back in the day. Whenever He did grow silent in the presence of some sinners, then it was to give you a lesson in humility, since with His deeds He offered testimony of the truth of His Word.

7. Consider all the years that have gone by in which I have manifested Myself through these spokesmen, and yet no one has succeeded in silencing the divine voice that emerges from their mouths. Truly, I say to you, that the year 1950 will arrive without this Word ever having been interrupted. However, once that year comes to an end, My nightingales will cease to mediate My teaching, for I will have concluded all the revelations I needed to give you at this stage.

8. You will offer testimony of My teaching with your deeds, words, and thoughts, and nothing will hold back the stream of light that will pour forth from your spirits. But the time for you to be silent will arrive as well. I will seal your lips, for all that I needed to say through you will have been spoken.



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