Law of Atonement, Guilt, Penitence, Trials & Suffering… Jesus explains ❤️ 3rd Testament Chapter 42

Law of Atonement, Guilt, Penitence, Trials & Suffering… Jesus explains ❤️ 3rd Testament Chapter 42


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The Third Testament Chapter 42… Guilt and Penitence, Trials and Suffering – Revelations of Jesus Christ

The Need for Repentance and Atonement
Thus saith the Lord…

1. If many times I permit you to drain the same cup that you gave to your brethren, it is because there are some who only in this way realize the wrong they caused and by experiencing the same ordeal which they caused to others, they will become aware of the pain they provoked; this will give light to their spirit and bring understanding, repentance and, therefore, fulfillment of My Law.

2. But if you wish to pass through the pain without draining the cup of bitterness, you may do so: by paying your debt with repentance, good works, and all that your conscience tells you that you must do. In this way you may pay a debt of love, and return an honor, a life, or the peace, health, and joy, or the bread that you may have stolen from your brothers.

3. Observe how different is the reality of My justice from that idea that you have formed of your Father.

4. Do not forget that if I have come to tell you that none of you will be lost; it is also true that I have said that every debt must be settled and every fault erased from the Book of Life. It is up to you to choose the path to Me. Free will is still yours.

5. If you prefer the law of retaliation of ancient times, as is still practiced by men from their proud nations, behold its results.

6. If you want the measure with which you judge your brethren also used against you, do not even wait for your entry into the other existence to receive My justice, for here when you least expect it, you will find yourself in the same difficulty in which you placed your fellowmen.

7. But if you want a more elevated Law to come to your aid, not only to spare you from suffering, which is what you fear most, but also to inspire in you noble thoughts and good sentiments, pray, call Me, and proceed along your path to struggle to be better each time, to be stronger in your ordeals, or in short, to settle with love the debt that you have with your Father and with your fellowmen. (16, 53 – 59)

8. Someone usually asks Me: Master, if you forgive our faults, why do you allow us to cleanse them through suffering? To this I answer: I forgive you, but it is necessary for you to correct those faults in order for you to give back to your spirit its purity. (64, 14)

9. I have told you that every last stain shall be cleansed from the hearts of men, yet, I tell you also, that it will be each one of you who must cleanse himself of his own stains. Remember that I have told you: “With the measure you use, you shall be measured,” and “Whatever a man sows, that shall He also reap.” (150, 47)

10. Of the material offerings which mankind offers Me, I only receive the good intention, when it is truly good, for an offering does not always represent a noble and elevated intention. There are many times when men present me their offerings in order to cover up their wickedness or to demand something in return. That is why I tell you that the gift of peace for the spirit cannot be purchased and its stains can not be cleansed with material wealth, even if you could offer me the greatest of material treasures.

11. When men offer me true repentance, sorrow for having offended me, regeneration, correction of their ways, restitution for faults committed, all with the humility that I have taught you, then indeed are men presenting me the true offerings of the heart, of the spirit, and of the mind, which are infinitely more pleasing to your Father than incense, flowers and candles. (36, 27 – 28)

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