Time is precious, use it wisely ❤️ Jesus reveals Secrets of Creation thru Gottfried Mayerhofer

Time is precious, use it wisely ❤️ Jesus reveals Secrets of Creation thru Gottfried Mayerhofer


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Jesus says… Time is a precious Good…
Use it wisely, don’t waste it!

Secrets of Creation – Revealed by Jesus thru Gottfried Mayerhover on August 7th 1872

1. So you wish to have this word explained too. Well then, write, since nothing is more abundantly wasted by you humans than time itself, that is, the time that is allotted to you as a trial life.

2. You see, none of you know what time is, what it means and what value it has, otherwise you would all live differently than you do now. However, in order to teach you the concept of this word, worthy of a spiritual being, as you humans should be, I want to explain this concept to you as much as finite beings can grasp the infinite.

3. So what is time? And how do you know that there really exists such a thing as time? “Time is nothing more than a section of the thought of eternity, a small fragment of a great, infinite whole!” You would not know what time is if you could not measure it in terms of material things, where a period of time has elapsed between coming and emerging and disappearing and passing away, which, as you do, can be measured or expressed with numbers.

4. Only in the visible is time measurable, in eternity however, where space no longer has any dimensions, there it is where the measure of time ceases, there it is where concepts and ideas prevail that are not comprehensible for finite beings.

5. For this very reason, a finite being can never understand Me, the timeless One; because even though the eternal continuance is imaginable for them, the idea that it is possible for something to never have had a beginning at all remains an absurdity, something incomprehensible and unthinkable. Therein lies the difference between Me and the entire spirit world. It is this word “time”, that defines My divinity more than anything else, for space itself cannot be measured or understood without time.

6. So, time is, symbolically speaking, the most suitable expression for My greatness; because time, as a concept, has always existed and always will be, whether you want to measure it or not. So you see, if you look at this greatest of factors, time, in this way, then it alone can give you an idea of Me and a concept of My creation. In multiple time periods did creation take place, one out of another, one after another, and in multiple time periods will these worlds I have created develop, perfect themselves, and in multiple time periods will they pass again, giving way to new forms, new worlds, new creations. And so is time the only measurement by which My creation can be judged; for time as quantity, time as distance and time as duration of a created object give it value, content and sphere of influence respectively. Whatever My worlds carry out there in the infinite and eternal ether, and in multiple periods of time, is exactly what happens on a smaller scale with every created thing, together with its duration. Only time gives the stone its size, its duration, and again it is time that determines the value of the lives of living beings.

7. And that is why the term “time” cannot be wiped from creation any more than I Myself. Without time there is no world, and without Me there is no time! What is the time period of human life from cradle to grave? It is nothing but a section of infinity expressed merely by numbers, observable in a visible, created being in its emergence, its development and its decay. Without these visible changes, no time could be measured, if you had not received a timepiece by counting the change of days or the change between day and night.

8. Time has no beginning and no end, it emerges from infinity and flows back into it without a trace. Only visible creations testify of its coming and going, otherwise it would be immeasurable. Time, then, as the measure of every created thing, indicates its duration, within which it must have qualified to advance along the great ladder to the spiritual realm; this time is also the measure for spiritual beings, within which it is imposed on them to fulfill certain missions, for just as the great worlds and solar systems have their appropriate duration, so do all created beings have certain timeframes that determine their lives, that is until the next metamorphosis.



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