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Will you fulfill your Divine Destiny? Do you follow a Lie or The Truth? ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus

Will you fulfill your Divine Destiny? Do you follow a Lie or The Truth? ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus


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Jesus asks… Do you follow a Lie or The Truth?…
Will you fulfill your Divine Destiny?

October 17, 2016 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began… “You are all just beautiful, each in your own way.”

(Clare) I saw Jesus sitting with His Bride and her hands were in His and He was looking intently at them.

(Jesus) “I want you all to cultivate your gifts. You’ve all been given an anointing. Not just for music, but to live your lives from your heart. Many of you haven’t done this yet, with a few exceptions.

“There is so much locked up in you, My Brides. So much. When we get close to it, you bolt and run off. Something catches your attention, because you get restless, but mostly because you are afraid of what you will find in those deep places.

“Your emotions run so deep. I made you that way, so you could pour yourself into your lives and souls would be drawn to the beauty I created there inside of you, My Darling Brides.

“Oh, don’t be afraid. Please, don’t be afraid, please… don’t be afraid. I will sustain you. Don’t be afraid to go into that place – there are rivers of living waters in there. Rivers and rivers and rivers. I want them to come out, Beloved. I want that water to nourish My People.

(Clare) When He said that, I was thinking of Julie and how beautiful her soul was, she just shines. Her simplicity and her purity just shine. And I said to the Lord… ‘But if they get too beautiful, people will look at them and feel ugly about themselves.’ I know I tend to have that reaction, when I look at what He’s done in other souls. It’s so amazing.

(Jesus) “Oh no, no, My child, no, no! The beauty in them will be stirred up. Each one of them has this beauty inside, a fullness of beauty. Some are meant to nourish, others have roles that only they can fulfill. All have a very high calling. It is merely a matter of wanting to serve, loving Me and loving others enough to sacrifice their lives for one another.

“All have a pinnacle calling; it is their God-given place. It is the peg that fits perfectly into the Father’s heart and draws from its substance to nourish others.

“Getting to this place in your life is very, very rough. There are many obstacles. But if the desire is strong enough – and I am continually refueling every soul and encouraging them to reach higher. If the desire is followed with devotion, and without deviation – that is, looking at this one, and trying to be like them. And looking at that one, and trying to be like them. If one follows what is inside them, in their hearts – they, too, will reach this pinnacle anointing. You see it all goes back to the Father. When He breathed His life into the soul.”

(Clare) As Jesus is talking, I am seeing a child’s puzzle that has pegs in it. The piece has a peg in the back that fits into the matrix of the puzzle just perfectly, with a click.

(Jesus) “Yes, the Matrix is the Father, the puzzle piece is the soul. When that plug or series of plugs is set properly into the Father, then the soul lights up with a Divine power and anointing. The enemy knows all about this, and his job is to prevent you from reaching your destination. You can feel that, can’t you?”



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