Rhema Dec 6, 2021 ❤️ Jesus says… The World shall mourn & We will dance, as My Judgment falls

Rhema Dec 6, 2021 ❤️ Jesus says… The World shall mourn & We will dance, as My Judgment falls


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Jesus says… The World shall mourn & We will dance as My Judgment falls

March 10, 2015 – Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Clare began… Lord, I don’t understand why I am wearing a black sequined evening gown and yet dancing so gracefully with You as if I were at a ball of sorts…

Jesus answered… “Because the whole world shall mourn and you shall mourn with them, but have deep inner joy, which the world cannot take away from you. We will dance through the times to come, as My judgment falls upon this nation and the world. We will behold it with one eye, while beholding Heaven with the other.”

“As things come to a close here in America and around the globe, you will draw closer and closer to your Heavenly homeland. I know, Clare, you sense in your spirit that time is short – and indeed it is, My Love. Soon, I will be taking you away with Me forever and ever and ever. I will lavish on you all My gifts of Love and we will live happily ever after.”

(Clare) Oh, Lord – that is so precious and exciting and my inner man trembles in hopes that it truly is You and truly will come to pass soon.

(Jesus) “What have I told you about doubting? And trusting?”

(Clare) I guess I have no experience to compare it with, to hold on to, it is so far away from my experience. It’s too good to be true. He smiled…

(Jesus) “Yes, My Love, I know well how you feel… but it is true, Clare, just as surely as I AM. It is true and I know it’s beyond what you can imagine – and that delights Me even more because I love to see you surprised and overwhelmed with My loving provision for you.”

(Clare) So, the world will mourn but we will have one eye in Heaven and one on Earth.

(Jesus) “That’s right.”

(Clare) Lord, how can I be happy knowing what mankind is suffering on this Earth and how You suffer with them? I really question this, as well as…

(Jesus) “Coming back to help?”

(Clare) YES!

(Jesus) “You are going to enter into My Rest – you have labored and now you are going to rest. I have not called My Bride to be any part of this judgment that is coming. I am not removing you so you can watch from Heaven and suffer. Is that clear? I’m not. Your job is done here until I return. I will come to you for comfort, but I will not expose you to the horrors of Earth. I cannot and I will not.”

(Clare) Lord, can I question Your wisdom on this?

(Jesus) “Why not, you always do! Why should today be different from another day, hmmm?”

(Clare) Well, this is no laughing matter but you are making me laugh.

(Jesus) “We can have fun together sometimes, even when it is hard and heart wrenching for us both. In My Divine plan, I have limits to what each one must undergo. I have purposes and I have limits. My love, do not question. Just accept. Just receive the gift of freedom from the alienation and troubles of this world.”

(Clare) Lord, my gut feels funny.

(Jesus) “It’s unbelief Clare. My Love, many think it’s heroic virtue to come back and be present for the chastisement. They don’t know what they are talking about. My angels have been prepared for what is to come, they alone will be a part of what is to happen.”

(Clare) But what about our prayers from Heaven when we see You praying…surely we will pray too? Our children! How can we not respond to that?



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