The Father’s Wrath, Cleansing of the Earth & Demon-Alien Disclosure ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus Christ

The Father’s Wrath, Cleansing of the Earth & Demon-Alien Disclosure ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus Christ


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The Father’s Wrath, Cleansing of the Earth & Demon-Alien Disclosure

December 29, 2021 – Words from Jesus thru Sister Clare

(Clare) Lord, we come before You today in need of hope. We need hope for a calm and peaceful future, so that faith and trust in You will overflow in us by the power of the Holy Spirit… Amen.

(Jesus) “The wrath of the Father, which is His justice, must be felt. Even now, My little Bride, I am in torment for what must come upon the earth. Even now I am in the garden, suffering through those very same drops of blood. Even now My Mother suffers these very same torments. I did not create man to be the victim of death. This is very hard for Me.

“Beloved ones… Pray for those who do not know Me and are merely thinking of their next moments of entertainment while the earth is failing beneath them. I love these souls with all My Heart, I do not ever want to see them descend into destruction. I never created you for death, My dear people, rather this was a necessary thing when disobedience began with Eve. I could not allow them to reach the tree of life and eat of the fruit of immortality, or their evil would have not known any bounds.

“But now things have evolved into that very thing… Like using everything beautiful and useful to cause mass destruction and unending pain and torment, especially towards helpless children. But I say to you, the children are not helpless any longer. I am rising up to cleanse the earth of the wicked, but it will take another thousand years to purify the DNA.

“Yes, much will change… Human DNA will change, it will be renewed and augmented to live in the new conditions on earth. This will be life as you have never known it; you cannot imagine how joyful and bright life will become. You are living in a garbage dump, spiritually speaking, and even physically, all around the world; all that will be cleansed. Evil thoughts and deeds will be banished from earth. Angels will be deployed to keep order, to teach man the rules of healthy living. Pollution will be a thing of the past. Water and air will be pristine and clear of any contamination.

“I promise you, My People, the new Earth will be a wonder to live on. Its beauty will surpass anything you have ever known. Things will not be hard as they were for Cain, life will be full of energy and inspiration. Joy will ring out on the hillsides, and praise will resound throughout the world for the beauty of this life. A beauty you have never imagined.

“But before this can happen, evil must be cleansed and expiated from the land. Yes, there were other civilizations that have come and gone, all of them having ended the same way, but I am removing the evil ones from the earth for a season. If evil arises through anyone, it will be dealt with.

“But at the end of the thousand years, when I release Satan, the evil ones who have chosen to make their bed in the darkness will gather together for the final destruction of their influence. That will be the end of evil, and the earth will be like heaven. But before all this can take place, beloved ones, the earth and her peoples must go through a proving. You are now in the beginning stages of that proving. At the appropriate moment, My Father will give the word for Me to get My Bride.

“Cleansing this earth will be a monumental job, beloved ones. It will take massive amounts of fire to purify what has contaminated it, but it will be well worth it. In the meantime, you can prove your love for Me by praying for the innocent and your enemies, as well as those who do not yet know Me. Pray always for that, day and night, there is nothing more painful for Me than the loss of a soul.

“Together we will reign on the earth to make peace possible. No longer will injustice prevail, no longer will evil men be exonerated, no longer will the guilty go free to commit more crimes, no longer will My people be prevented from living in their own homes and cultivating their own land.”



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