Triumph & Recognition of Christ’s spiritual Work… Jesus explains ❤️ The Third Testament Chapter 56

Triumph & Recognition of Christ’s spiritual Work… Jesus explains ❤️ The Third Testament Chapter 56


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The Third Testament Chapter 56… Triumph and Recognition of the Spiritual Work of Christ
Revelations of Jesus Christ

The Spreading of Spiritualism by the Envoys of God
Thus saith the Lord…

1. My Law will be the ark of salvation in this period; when the floodwaters of sin, of grief and misery are unleashed, truly I say to you that men of other nations, will arrive in caravans to this country, attracted by its spirituality, its hospitality and peace, and when they know about this revelation and have faith in what I said in My new coming as the Holy Spirit, I will also name them Israelites in the spirit.

2. Among those multitudes will be My emissaries, whom I will send to their people to convey the Divine message of My word to their brethren.

3. But not everyone will come to this nation to learn of this teaching which I brought to you, because many will receive it spiritually. (10, 22)

4. Each of you shall receive peace, depending on how you have shaped it, but I promise you better times.

5. After the purge that must take place on earth, beings sent by Me, virtuous spirits with great missions, will come to form the obedient family.

6. Four generations after your own shall pass for My Doctrine to extend over the earth and harvest wonderful fruits. (310, 50)


The Fight for the Recognition of the New Word

7. Today it is a small portion that surrounds Me, but tomorrow the multitudes that will be around Me will be immense; among them will be the pharisees and the hypocrites, searching for errors in My Doctrine to arouse the mind of the multitudes against My Work. They do not know that before they scrutinize My word, they will be scrutinized. (66, 61)

8. In that era, three judges, Annas, Pilate, and Herod judged me, and the people fulfilled their sentence on Me. Now, I tell you, many are My judges, and more of them there are who will make Me feel pain in this era.

9. But just when men show the greatest aversion to My Law and Doctrine, just when I am most rejected and persecuted, the voice of the men of faith shall rise up, for what happened in the Second Era shall not occur again; now I am not alone. (94, 67)

10. There shall be a moment when My word given in this Era will seem to have been wiped from the face of the earth.

11. Then men will surface inventing spiritualist doctrines, teaching new laws and doctrines. They will call themselves masters, apostles, prophets, and envoys. For a time, I will let them speak, and sow, and I will permit them to cultivate their crop, so that when they gather their harvest, they will understand what they have sown.

12. Time and the elements shall pass over their seeds, and their passage shall be like a judgment for each of these beings.

13. It is necessary for the world to know impostors, so that they may recognize truth. It is then that the truth and essence that I have bestowed upon you in this time shall rise up in humanity in all its purity and spirituality. (106, 9 – 10)

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