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Rhema June 13, 2022 🎺 A Letter from Timothy… The Word of God is Truth, leading to Life

Rhema June 13, 2022 🎺 A Letter from Timothy… The Word of God is Truth, leading to Life


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A Letter from Timothy… The Word of God is Truth, leading to Life… Come & Depart from the World

October 21, 2005 – A Letter from Timothy, moved by the Spirit of God – For all Those who have Ears to hear

Dear loved ones, who are my friends and family, and to those who I do not know and who will receive these words, I greet you and plead with you to listen for your sakes… So we might become one in Christ, for The Father’s glory, who resides in Heaven… Hallowed be His name… And all blessings, dominion and thanksgiving to His Son, called The Christ and Jesus. Amen.

I write to you this day, as a man moved by the Spirit of God, which is received through Christ, so those who have heard might hear more and be given greater understanding… Also, to those who have heard yet resist, so that they may no longer resist, but come into that joy which is in Christ, by way of His words spoken through mere men who have become His servants and vessels shaped by His hands, having been engrafted with His words for His glory, so you may be saved from the Day of Troubles.

And to those, who reject these words and speak evil of me, a warning… Know who it is you reject and whose doings you speak evil of. I forgive you for those things spoken evil of me, as I am commanded by Him who has forgiven me in His blood and suffering, Who has also forgiven you if you so choose to accept that forgiveness. For we are commanded to forgive every one who sins against us, as we are forgiven by Him who all have sinned against. Even so, be careful that you do not blaspheme the Spirit, out of ignorance or your own evil desires to hold onto your sin, for whether you believe me or believe me not, I know who it is I serve and who it is speaking to me… His will shall be done.

The time, when we shall be judged, has come, and has been already, since The Christ was upon the earth and died and rose again. Since that day, we have all fallen under judgment, or passed from judgment, according to our belief and faith and those works worked in that faith.

In times past, all peoples lived in and with sin… And in their ignorance of the Truth did God wink. Now the Truth has come into the world, and has been present in the world for over two thousand years. The Word came into the world speaking the truth, as He heard from God. The children of disobedience would not listen, and held fast to their sin.

The children of disobedience were we and still are. So then He, called the Truth, was persecuted, then violently opposed and killed for His testimony. Then did He sleep and rise again on the third day. So likewise, Christ’s followers in the past and His followers still living, who have the truth within them, were and are still persecuted, violently opposed and killed for their testimony. Know this… All truth is first ridiculed, then violently opposed, then accepted as self-evident… The day of violence is upon us all.

And the Day quickly approaches, when the Truth shall shine, from the east unto the west, in all His glory… All will then accept Him as the undeniable Truth… And those, who fall to their knees in repentance and great wailing, they will be set at His right hand…

Those, who gnash their teeth and fight against the Truth, even though they accept HE IS, will be cast into the fire. One day has passed, the second is ending, and just before the third, The Lord’s elect shall rise and live… In the third day, they shall be established and live in His sight.

All those who rejected Him or did not know Him, will also be raised and live at the end of the Millennial Kingdom. In that Day, the penitent will receive life everlasting… And the wicked, condemnation, forever separated from God. This is the second chance for those who will choose Christ and repent; or the second death, for all those who will not accept the Truth nor repent of their evil deeds. So yes, fear Him who has given you life, because He can also take it away.

What, then, of all these things we have and hold onto in this life? What do they matter?… They are nothing. Otherwise, why did The Lord say… „All these things shall pass away, but My words shall never pass away, for in My words all have life, life without end.“


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