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History of Mangalapuzha Seminary

A Glance Through Its History (Dr Pallipurathukunnel (+2011) was a professor of Church History at the Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Alwaye. The article by him is a brief history of the priestly training programme in Kerala from the ancient to modern times. It also traces the […]

St Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor

The St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary was formally established by the Congregation for the Oriental Churches through its letter dated April 26, l962 and it was formally inaugurated and began functioning on July 3, l962. It is primarily intended for the education and formation of the seminarians of the […]

Founders of MCBS

Very Rev Fr Mathew Alakulam MCBS Founder of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Childhood Fr Mathew Alakulam, the architect of the Missionary Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament (MCBS), was born on 30 th March 1888 at Poovathode near Bharananganam. After his primary and high school education […]

Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kunnoth

Good Shepherd Major Seminary is the third major seminary of the Syro-Malabar Church. It was canonically erected at Kunnoth, Iritty, North Kerala, India, by the Synod of the Church on 1st September 2000 (Synodal Decree no. 2336/2000). The seminary was inaugurated on 16th June 2001. Even though India, […]

JDV Pune – Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth

Vision Statement The mission of JDV is to foster an integral understanding of the human person which mediates the vision of Jesus for India. This Vision Statement implies a whole series of objectives that JDV has set before itself, within an overarching interface of science, philosophy and religion. […]

Dharmaram College, Bangalore – A Major Seminary of the CMI Congregation

Dharmaram College, a major study house of CMI Congregation, was replanted in Bangalore on 1st June, 1957. The name ‘Dharmaram’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words, dharma (virtue) and aram (garden), which together mean ‘GARDEN OF VIRTUES’. Dharmaram is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the motto […]

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