Forgiveness is a choice to love

*Forgiveness is a choice to love*

_Christ tells us to forgive everyone, but sometimes that does not seem so easy. Forgiving a debt is one thing, but what about those who really hurt us? Perhaps the difficulty springs from confusion as to what forgiveness really is._

*_Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, which is probably impossible anyway. It also does not mean that we ignore our anger and hurt. Doing so is just not healthy._*

_Forgiveness is a choice: the simple choice to love rather than to harm the person in return. By choosing love over vengeance, we free ourselves from remaining beholden to our pain. We free others to experience a love that leads to gratitude and reconciliation, and we free everyone to be united with Christ’s own loving heart._

*_Forgiveness does not mean pretending nothing happened or acting like there are no consequences. It just means choosing love. This Lent, let us choose love. For we have received the same love and merciful forgiveness from our God._*

_To whom in our lives can we give the gift of our forgiveness? Where are we in need of forgiveness: from others, from ourselves, from God?_


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