Guardians of Christ

Guardians of Christ

We often think of Joseph as gentle and quiet, but it is a mistake to interpret his quiet gentility as weakness.

Joseph had one assignment: to protect and provide for Christ and his mother. This was no easy task. Every time we hear of Joseph, he is being bold. He whisks his family to safety from murderous Herod. He courageously walks his family past Herod’s palace to visit the Temple every year. Even taking Mary into his home in the first place was an act of courage and resolve.

Joseph is a model for all Christians, for we are also called to be guardians of Christ. We nourish Christ in ourselves. We protect Christ in the poor who suffer. We stand up for the Word with our lives.

We may do these things quietly and gently, but make no mistake, it takes Christian courage to do so. Be brave, do not be afraid to take Christ into your heart!

Reflection: Do I nourish Christ in my heart? Do I protect Christ in the suffering of others? Do I guard the truth and Word of Christ in the world?


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