Holy Rosary (Malayalam) പരിശുദ്ധ ദൈവമാതാവിന്റെ ജപമാല

Holy Rosary 001 Holy Rosary 002 Holy Rosary 003 Holy Rosary 004 Holy Rosary 005 Holy Rosary 006 Holy Rosary 007 Holy Rosary 008 Holy Rosary 009


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  1. It is useful to new generation . Please develop those prayers for I phone users as an application( malayalam) and also with audio . All the prayers are in audio is welcomes .

  2. whoever it is,you have done an amazing job!!!! this blog is an example of what the present world and Christians need.Good job on adding extra stuffs too.keep going and all the best. you can make a huge change to this world!!!

  3. Thanks father a lot. Actually i am away from home for searching a job. i have no prayer books with me. thanks alot father. wishing you all the success. Please remember me in your prayers to get a better job for me. Thanking you once again.

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