Remain in My Love

Remain in My Love

Think of a time, or a place, in which you longed to remain – when you wanted to freeze time so you could stay in that place or savor that moment, just a little bit longer. Take a minute, to sit with that feeling. Now, bring that feeling with you as you move yourself into today’s Gospel.

Jesus invites us to abide, or remain, in his love, and he is very deliberate in helping us understand the “how” and the “why” of remaining in his love. How asks, “by what means?” And why asks, “for what reason?” When we understand both how and why, we are more likely to “do” – to demonstrate our understanding in concrete and actionable ways.

So, how are we to remain in God’s love? By keeping God’s commandments. Why? So that our “joy may be complete.” Remember that the foundation of this joy is God’s unconditional, eternal, enduring, abiding love for you. Take time today to remain in it.

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