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Conversion in the Hindutva Context

Conversion in the Hindutva Context Vincent Kundukulam Introduction The history of religions is a history of religious conversions and reconversions. Conversion from one religion to another has always been an issue of friction when it brings the individual in conflict with the family, neighbour and society. Today the […]


Hindutva Understanding of Saffronisation

 Hindutva Understanding of Saffronisation [Paper presented in the symposium jointly convened by Church History Association of India and the Pontifical Institute, Alwaye] 2 November 2002 Vincent Kundukulam Introduction In the first session, listening to Dr. K.N. Panikkar, I am sure that we have deepened our understanding of saffronisation, […]

The fate and fortune of Indian Christians

 The fate and fortune of Indian Christians Since 1998, the media, both in India and abroad, reports various incidents of attacks against Christians by the Hindu communalists (word used in India for those who show extreme attachment to one’s own religion in view of making economic and political […]

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