Religious Fundamentalism – Denial of Religion

   Religious Fundamentalism – Denial of Religion                                                                                       Vincent  Kundukulam       Introduction A vast amount of pain and suffering was heaped on the world by the attack on the World Trade Center on 11th September 2001. No words can be adequate to condemn this event, […]

The fate and fortune of Indian Christians

 The fate and fortune of Indian Christians Since 1998, the media, both in India and abroad, reports various incidents of attacks against Christians by the Hindu communalists (word used in India for those who show extreme attachment to one’s own religion in view of making economic and political […]

Interpreting and Responding to Religious Extremism

Interpreting and Responding to Religious Extremism Vincent Kundukulam Introduction A new world order is emerging as globalization grows fast across the continents. Parochial identities based on ethnic and religious allegiances get strengthened in the nations. The indigenous religions claim more role in the process of nation building. This […]

Deepening Inculturation

 Deepening Inculturation  Dr Vincent Kundukulam Introduction               Since the Second Vatican Council the theologians spoke much about the necessity of transmitting the gospel values in the indigenous cultures. Various local Churches in Africa Asia and Latin America took initiatives to develop Christian practices proper to their cultures. […]

Education comme Evangélisation en Inde

Colloque organisé par l’AFUI et l’ISTR sur L’Inde et le fait Chrétien  le 19 Octobre 2005 A la Salle de l’Horticulture, 84 rue de Grenelle, Paris-7. Education comme Evangélisation en Inde KUNDUKULANGARA Vincent Introduction Tout d’abord permettez-moi de remercier sincèrement les responsables de l’AFUI et de l’ISTR qui […]


ORIENTAL CHURCHES HISTORY, LITURGY, THEOLOGY Preface Since some years I have been giving a short Introductory Course on Oriental Theology to the students of various Major Seminaries in India.  In the course of these years I realized that many seminarians were not aware of the inter-ritual ecclesial reality […]

The Mission of the Syro-Malabar Church:Theological Considerations

The Mission of the Syro-Malabar Church Theological Considerations                After the Second Vatican Council communion has emerged   in the Church as the leading ecclesiological idea. Communion is understood not merely as the form of being for the Church but also as the essence of the Church at […]

Dr George Karakunnel

Theological Anthropology

Theological Anthropology The Contribution of Vatican II   George Karakunnel (Professor, Institute  of  Theology, Aluva & Member of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, Rome)     The human person and society are central themes which always challenge our thinking and vision. Contemporary theology features an anthropological approach which […]

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