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A Prayer For Daily Neglects

A Prayer For Daily Neglects “A Prayer for Daily Neglects” is a prayer offering the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Eternal Father in reparation for our sins, faults and spiritual neglects. This prayer is often prayed daily prior to bedtime. An examination of conscience is also recommended […]

Guardian Angel Chaplet

Guardian Angel Chaplet The Guardian Angel Chaplet is a chaplet intended for giving glory to the Most Holy Trinity in thanksgiving for His assignment of your guardian angel, whose guidance and protection is with upon you during your entire life on earth, and for the protection of Saint […]

The Miracle Prayer

The Miracle Prayer “The Miracle Prayer” is a powerful prayer to Christ Jesus, offering repentance and contrition of one’s sins, forgiveness of all others for their offenses, renouncement of Satan and all evil, and offering oneself entirely to Jesus, with the assistance and prayers of Our Blessed Mother, […]