GK English – Competition Quiz

Questions –

1. Tropical grassland of Brazil is called

2. In a business, raw materials, components, work in progress and finished goods are jointly regarded as

3. Xerophthalmia is a disease caused due to the deficiency of

4. Locked jaw disorder is the other name of the disease

5. The ratio of the bank’s cash holdings to its total deposit liabilities is called the

6. The Parliament of Poland is known as

7. North pole was explored by

8. The Indian Civil Service was introduced during the rule of

9. Which is called as the cockpit of Europe?

10. Who was the first Indian to set foot on Antarctica?


1. Savannah

2. Inventory

3. Vitamin A

4. Tetnus

5. Statutory Liquidity Ratio

6. Sejm

7. Robert Peary, USA

8. Dalhousie

9. Switzerland

10. S. Z. Qasim

Collected and Texted by Seethal Antony

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