Raat Akeli Hai(2020)

Movie Review in English

Movies - Inside Out

A gripping murder mystery invigorated by an intelligent screenplay and powerful performances!!

“I don’t fear anybody, and if you try to hamstring me, come what may, I will dig out the truth”, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays the sincere, quirky yet grounded cop Jatil Jadhav in Raat Akeli Hai, one of the 17 releases announced by Netflix for July-August, and it has everything you look for in a classic murder mystery thriller.

The movie begins with a prologue where an Ambassador car is being chased down by a giant truck and the passengers gets killed by an unknown man. After around five years, the scene shifts to a mansion where the patriarch of a family is found murdered on the night of his second wedding and the investigation is assigned to Inspector Jatil Jadhav. He quickly learns that anyone could be the killer here as the entire family seemed to be wildly…

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