Short speech on Mahatma gandhi in english || Mahatma gandhi speech for students

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  1. Good morning all [wish according to time]

    I wish you all the best wishes and greetings. And I also would like to thank you all for having me here to share my thoughts on Mahatma Gandhi.

    Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian freedom fighter. He helped our country to get freedom from English Rule. His full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi took care of his country as a father and hence he is known as the father of the nation and Bapu.

    Mahatma Gandhi always fought against the evils spread in society. He always ran on the path of non-violence. Even if Mahatma Gandhi did not like politics, his name is counted as one of the most renowned political figures. This is because he had to descend into politics for public welfare.

    Undoubtedly, Each Indian knows about him if not, we can conclude that person not to be an Indian. He lived a hard life that we can’t even imagine living. He was also a great leader. If he were alive, I would be his follower but unfortunately, we can only follow their teachings now.

    I have to stop here because time is limited and we should respect time. I hope, you liked my thoughts on Mahatma Gandhi.

    Thank you all for listening to my words.

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