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Satan’s planned War against Humanity & You must forgive ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus Christ

Satan’s planned War against Humanity & You must forgive ❤️ Love Letter from Jesus Christ


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Jesus explains…
Satan’s planned War against Humanity & You must forgive!

Rhema November 16, 2021
Jesus’ Message from April 15, 2015 thru Sister Clare

(Clare) Tonight the Lord was wearing Navy Blue and as the night wore on and we were dancing I saw He was wearing a military outfit with all kinds of bars of colors… Commander.

(Jesus) “Yes this war is coming to a head. The parts are all scripted, one by one they come into play, the players appointed by destiny.

“Ob_ma – the man of sin – stands in the central position – scripting for him was done eons ago. Each player has their role and their orders, all that remains now is the commencement and at the proper time the signal will be given.

“How lucrative this war will be for Satan, this is precisely why I have been hoping to hold it off, but time has reached its fullness and it will begin any day now. Never in the history of mankind has such atrocity been planned and executed, never in the history of the world will it occur again. This is the appointed time for the cleansing of the earth from all filth, disease brought to its fulness by the demonic powers that be with the full cooperation of man in his greed.

“What will transpire is the decimation of millions of souls, for some there is nowhere to go but Hell, for others, they shall be saved as going through the fire.

“My Bride will not see any of this. She has been brought to a place of sensitivity because of her union with Me that precludes her being exposed to such horrors, as will come upon mankind.”

(Clare) But Lord will she not be here for a nuclear strike?

(Jesus) “My Love this is only the beginning of woes. Only the beginning. Wave upon wave upon wave of disaster will befall the Earth, nuclear annihilation is but one in the series of scores of catastrophes and judgements. I want you to be well aware of what is about to transpire in these coming days. Eye has not seen, ear has not heard what the wickedness of man has brought upon itself.”

(Clare) I would really like to understand, but if this knowledge is not for me to have, so be it.

(Jesus) “My little one, my very, very, very Little One, it is not essential to the salvation of souls, I would rather you focus on the hearts of the flock I have brought into this fold. They are My Bride Clare and how they yearn for Me, it brings tears to My eyes when I read their comments which are only the tip of the iceberg of their sorrow and longing for Me. As I have told you before, this is a factor in our timing, to see her gut wrenching tears is almost too much for Me. I wish to visit each and every one of them, but they must go through a process of preparation.”



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