The Chosen

5 Controversial Chosen Moments (Dallas Reacts)

5 Controversial Chosen Moments (Dallas Reacts)


Do we believe Jesus rejects worship, acts like a rock star, isn’t fully God, and that there are things he can’t do? And do we really think the greatest prophet ever is “creepy” or disrespectful? If you’ve heard any of these from a friend, or been concerned yourself, we have the answers.

Whoa! Episode 5 was controversial (Director reacts)

Our Bible consultants discuss our most controversial moment

00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Jesus jokes about his deity.
03:06 – Jesus resists Nicodemus’s worship.
05:42 – How we treat John the Baptist.
10:24 – Jesus rehearses his sermon.
11:35 – Jesus is a rock star?

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