The Italy – Wuhan Connection

The Italy – Wuhan Connection

Why did the Corona Virus which originated in Wuhan, China cause such widespread outbreak in a distant, other continent country like Italy?

The answer is that Italy has a strong textile garment industry trade relation with China especially with the Wuhan province in China.

1 lakh Chinese Workers work in Textile Industry in Italy (esp. North Italy)

Italy even has direct flights from Wuhan.

Northern Italy has a huge Chinese immigrant population, many of whom traveled from Wuhan. Instead of testing and restricting these people, Italian authorities launched a ‘Hug a Chinese’ campaign in February. They are now paying the price.
“I’m not a virus. I’m human. Eradicate the prejudice.” This was the message of videos released in northern Italy in February this year, urging Italians to hug Chinese people to encourage them in the fight against the coronavirus.

Moreover, Chinese New Year 2020 was celebrated from Jan 25 to Feb 8, 2020. So many of these Chinese immigrants went home from Italy to Wuhan to celebrate the New Year with their families. When they returned after their leave, they were not tested in Italy airports.

The rest, as they say, is history!