Silent Songs of Sonsnow


What if the COVID-19 wasn’t made in China?
The world must have found its cure already,
The world must have not faced this much mess,
We would have not been panicking to this point.

What if the Wuhan city wasn’t under CCP?
Wuhan must have warned the world long time back,
And it must have controlled the virus in its own vicinity,
The world must have not lost many lives.

What if the whistleblower doctor wasn’t accused of spreading rumors?
He must have saved the lives of many,
The world must have not fallen in its current chaos,
We would have been following our regular rituals and schemes.

What if the Virus isn’t as threatening as CCP?
We must have not locked ourselves in the rat-sized room,
We must have full-fledged freedom to roam here and there,
Enjoying breathing the fresh air in and out,

What if the CCP…

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