How should Christians handle Coronavirus crisis?

More Than Conquerors

The world is volatile and unstable. The world operate base on fear and greed. The world is driven by anxiety and pride. The world lust and covet after what they do not have. The world says love only those who loves you.

  • In Luke 6:27, Jesus says love your enemies!
  • In Romans 12:2, Paul told us not to conform to this world but renew our mind.
  • In John 17:16, Jesus said we are not of this world just like He is not of this world.
  • In James 4:4, friendship with the world is enmity with God!

As believers, we do not operate and behave as the world. Growing up, we were taught ways of the world. We learn to fight and strive. Lets discard these worldly mindset and embrace the mindset of a different kingdom. Kingdom of God. (I shall talk more about this in another post. 🤗)


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