“What Should I Write?” 5 Questions To Find Your Topic

The WordSmith's Pen

Here you are, staring at a blank piece of paper and a blinking cursor. All the brilliant ideas you’ve had have leaked out somehow and you’re trying to figure out what to write about. Whether you’re starting a novel, short story, blog post, informational article, these 5 questions should help you figure out the topic that you want to write about!

1. What or who do I follow on social media?

This might feel like a strange question, but it can help you narrow in on what things you enjoy. I fell like all too often, we hear “What things do you like?” and our minds go blank or we give very perfunctory answers. Looking at the people, stores, shows, etc, that we follow on our social media pages will help us think about the things we actually care about and then write about them.

2. What have I written…

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