You’re not the ONE!

Life, Mental Health & Poetry


Your hopeless hope ,

Told me today, that you’re a foe.

You don’t care now I know,

I am angry & sad,

Not at you but on myself.

I believed you’re my love,

I just realised you’re not the one.

Love shouldn’t hurt like this,

Lovers are partners & not strangers that we know!

I hate to admit, I was wrong.

I took this where it never was,

Think, how much love I could have caused,

Yet, I am the reason why it’s SOMETHING,

When it was nothing at all!

I thought I could turn this around,

Make you love me & show you to the world.

But your refusal disappointed me every time,

Your fear was more powerful than your mind.

It felt like you just murdered my heart,

Like a newborn becomes an orphan!

With no fault of my own,

You hypnotised me into your soul,

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