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  1. The HOLY QURBANA & ADORATION from MARIAN RETREAT CENTER, Kerala, India totally take us when we attend this Holy Service. The service is extreamly touchable. We feel that we are worshiping GOD in heaven. The prayer with song unthinkable, which is touching our heart. This help us to live to be holy, as well as to attend the service daily. This service draw us closer to God. I only know Tamil, but I cannot express the Godly feeling in English. Only people live abroad knows how greatful we are. Kerala people are extremely lucky to attend personally the service in God’s home in Iducky. The adoration prayer with the explanation from bible God’s word is help us to think our mistakes. We feel very strongly our sins and automatically we cry.
    Usually my heart is like a stone, but when priest say God’s bible words it thrush our heart. We are truly grateful for the service. I am praying HOLY SPIRIT to give soft heart to our family. My children lost Catholic faith after coming to America, and that is my fault. We are ordinary labour works who are unable to visit India yearly. we are old, helpless, and try to be close to GOD; by attending Marian retreat Center I am as a mother trying to pray for my children to be closer to
    Rev. Fr. Dominic Valanmanil gave all of us a chance to request prayer help. The sisters and all who are helping to attend the phone call are very patience. Grateful for the opportunity Fr. gave for everyone.


    Jane A. Stephen

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