Ivanian Yathra – Day 10. Talk by Msgr. Dr. Gigi Philip Charivupuraidom

Day 10: Msgr. Dr. Gigi Philip Charivupuraidom

Topic: prayer of Mar Ivanios

Ivanian_Yathra – A video series that will be released on the “MSCC_Sharjah” YouTube channel everyday at 7;00 AM starting 23 June 2020 for the next 37 days. 37 eminent personalities will talk about various topics detailing the “Life”, “Vocation”, “Mission” and lots more about “Servant_of_God Blessed_Mar_Ivanios”.

This series will open a treasure of information and thoughts on the Blessed life of Mar Ivanios. Please watch and also share the videos to all Syro Malankara Catholics and beyond across the globe. This video series will serve as a video encyclopedia that could be referred to for a lot of information for decades to come.


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