American History And Slavery – Part 1


“The Spanish, Portuguese and English were co-conspirators in what we would now consider a crime against humanity.” 

The above, and following quote, come from the article on slavery that follows the American History Timeline.

“To ignore what had been happening with relative frequency in the broader Atlantic world over the preceding 100 years or so understates the real brutality of the ongoing slave trade, of which the 1619 group were undoubtedly a part, and minimizes the significant African presence in the Atlantic world to that point,” Guasco explains. “People of African descent have been ‘here’ longer than the English colonies.”


Scroll down on the following link to “American History Timeline” to see the following dates, which are printed below the link.


American History Timeline  

1001 Leif Ericson explores North America        
1492 Christopher Columbus discovers America        
1497 John Cabot claims North America for England        
1501 Amerigo Vespucci explores…

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