“The Ferry,” Part: IV (Conclusion)

The Written Revolt ©

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While Sam waited inside the Plymouth, anxiously wringing his hands on the steering wheel, Hadley used the combination of idling headlights and incandescent lantern glow to shuttle a few last-minute items from the hut to the ferry. Whistling a cheery tune, and with the deft sureness of familiar work, the ferryman first deposited a burlap sack of animal feed beside the bench on the starboard wall, then, on the next trip, a stack of empty fruit crates that wobbled with each step, threatening to topple overboard until being lowered precariously down to the deck.

Ignoring the colorful ferryman for a moment, Sam regarded the lantern hanging on the far side of the remote river crossing. Despite the distance and the fading light, it was surprising that he hadn’t noticed the worker on the opposite bank before now, especially as it had…

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