No longer common but a man with uncommon favor



Cornelius was a man of prayer.

He gave generously to charity and to the poor and was a man who revered God.

One day while he was wide awake, he had a sudden vision. He saw an Angel coming toward him. Terrified, he listened with rapt attention as the Angel spoke. ‘Cornelius, your prayers and your help to the needy has not gone unnoticed and has come up as a memorial before God,’

The Angel then instructed Cornelius to send for Simon Peter and shared the address where to find him. The Holy Spirit knows the address where your blessing is waiting.

While all this was going on, Simon Peter went onto the roof of his house to pray. He was hungry after returning from a long journey and his partners were preparing food. Suddenly he went into a trance and had a vision.

In his vision, Peter saw different…

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